Artistic and technically knowledgeable - that’s unique

We have a unique understanding of how light affects environments and personal well-being. A lighting designer should make an environment pleasant to be in, arouse emotions and enhance the experience. It is about striking a perfect balance where the lighting is in harmony with the architecture and design.

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Experience and knowledge

We have over 35 years’ experience of working internationally on large and complex projects with all types of lighting. In this time, we have created lighting designs in all kinds of environment and styles; from royal palaces to exclusive private residences and super modern luxury hotels – all round the world.

As artistic as technically knowledgeable - that's unique

What makes us unique is the combination of artistic talent and unsurpassed technical know-how in controlling light. In our view, it is only then that lighting design reaches its full potential. Technology enables fantastic opportunities to be creative in our lighting design.

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100 percent custom designed

Everything we install is adapted and refined to create the light staging we aim for. In 50 percent of cases, we reconfigure the light fitting to the way we want it, to achieve the effect we are looking for.

We are influential members of our international lighting sector organisation.

Large international suppliers such as Flos, Occhio, Catalani Smith and Lucifer, contact us regularly. They are fully conversant with our artistic vision and technical know-how and are keen to enlist our assistance in improving, developing and raising the performance level of their light fittings.

As easy to use as easy on the eye.

All our lighting designs are intuitive and easy to use. With the touch of a button, you can simply change the light and mood in a room.

We invest a great deal of time in what you don't see.

We know the value of creating a good foundation. Which is why we invest as much time and energy in the infrastructure as we do on the artistic side. To ensure lighting systems deliver as close to 100 percent reliability as possible, this must be perfect. We therefore take apart and test ever product and fitting we use in an installation. We leave nothing to chance.

Totally independent.

Art of Light is totally independent and works with the very best architects, interior design and landscape architects on the market. We know that close cooperation from the very start is the key to achieving the best results.


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