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Airelles Courchevel, Les Airelles

Courchevel was the very first ski resort established in Trois-Vallées. Oozing French history, the resort has been a magnet for skiers and winter lovers from all round the world for decades.

Lieux communs Ski room Bernard Orcel

Les Airelles, a myth enshrouded luxury hotel, sits at the edge of the pistes, in the heart of Jardin Alpin. From the outside, this magnificent hotel looks like a fairy tale Austro-Hungarian palace. An enticing atmosphere awaits inside, where all modern comforts are packaged in warm colours, solid materials, characteristic frescos and authentic elegance. The Airelles hotel group has managed to create a luxury hotel with an unexpectedly intimate atmosphere yet with views stretching to Mont Blanc, La Grande Casse and Les Écrins. Here, you will find a comprehensive SPA complex, a private Chalet for guests seeking exclusivity, plus a gourmet restaurant serving both Japanese and European cuisine.

Spa Cabine de soin

As part of renovation work on the hotel in 2020, new lighting was planned for the restaurant and parts of the hotel SPA. Small spotlights now pick out the frescos and architectural details by the buffet, while high quality adjustable spotlights breathe new life into the open kitchen.

The warm general lighting from wall lamps and chandeliers in the restaurant is extended with integrated downlights dimmable from 3000K to 1800K. The lighting is controlled by light settings with an astro timer via a Lutron system. The other rooms and suites in the hotel will be addressed in the next phase.

Spa Piscine intérieure 2


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