6 M4 A8342

Apartment TG18

This tastefully renovated apartment in Stockholm has an exciting mix of period and modern features. We created the lighting design in the same spirit. It includes many bespoke, integrated solutions, advanced technology and programming to provide the right feel and atmosphere in the rooms. Classic pendant light fittings have been specially designed and equipped with minimalist spotlights that pick out artwork, curtains, special panels and other beautiful features.

6 M4 A8608
6 M4 A8602
6 M4 A8599

By building ceiling stucco on site containing linear lighting, we were able to combine classical and modern in an effective way. Book shelves, walk-in wardrobes and display cabinets have been fitted with linear lighting in the same way to give a modern feel.

All linear lighting in the apartment is dynamic. The colour temperature is automatically changed over the course of the day via an astro timer – from soft, warm light in the morning to clear daylight during the day before then reverting to soft and warm light in the evening.

6 M4 A8700

To enhance the feeling of daylight seeping in, extra lighting has been fitted in the beautiful recessed windows.

6 M4 A8467

The apartment TV is concealed behind a large work of art. The painting is illuminated with a specially designed fitting with spotlights. When the TV is turned on, the painting is automatically raised and the lighting extinguished to avoid any reflection on the screen.

6 M4 A8706

The dynamic, shifting light can be controlled and changed very easily via a sleek push button panel from Meljac, a smartphone app or a panel by the entrance door. You can rapidly switch the lighting to suit your needs or mood with the push of a button.

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