Our aim is for you to discover light anew.

Our process

In order to guarantee a high level and a successful end result in all our projects, we have adopted the following process. It is important that the work is done in the right order such that our project partners know when they should do what in the process.

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Embarking on a voyage of discovery. This is where we meet and get to know you as our client. What is your vision and thinking? What do you want to achieve? What needs and wishes do you have? We meet the architects, interior designers and landscape architects involved to discuss solutions and goals. When we have gained a complete picture of what is involved and got to know you, it is time for the next phase.


We now unleash our creativity and start creating. We present conceptual ideas, mood boards, models, sketches and proposals for different light fittings. The project now starts to take shape and the lighting design is visualised, so you can clearly see what it will look like in the setting. When we both are agreed and the design is approved, all the documentation and supporting data on which the lighting design will be based, are then completed.

Make it happen

This is where all our thoughts, ideas and sketches take shape. Materials are ordered and purchased. All infrastructure with cabling and pipework is installed with due consideration for the environment. Lamps and fittings arrive on site and are oriented. Everything is connected together and a control room established to manage the lighting. The entire lighting system is checked and tested.

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Make it work

When everything is in place, the control system is programmed to enable the lighting to be adjusted as we intended. We programme the different light settings with the correct colour temperatures, intensity and dimmer levels. This is when the magic starts to emerge.


The project is completed. Time to turn on the lights. You now get to experience everything in a new light and feel the difference this can make, how it affects you, your senses and your environment. Quite simply, to discover light anew. Last but by no means least, you will notice how intuitively and amazingly simple it is to control lighting.

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